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The Government has decided not to introduce vaccine passports, at this time; however we are taking the following measures: 

  1. All attendees will continue to be temperature checked at reception; we will confirm that they look and feel well, showing no Covid symptoms or signs of a cold, before entering the Club. We will not insist on seeing certificates but will be vigilant on your behalf. All staff are double vaccinated (it is a requirement in order to work) , as indeed am I; we also go to considerable lengths to keep all surfaces regularly cleaned, prior to and during parties (When I say clean; If you know Miranda, I mean very clean!).




Our new Online ticket service through TicketSource and Subscription membership, through Subbly, are now up and running.

Don`t worry if you don`t want to have subscription membership, as we now offer you the choice of:


Non Subscription Pay Onliine

Non Subscription, Deposit only Online

& Pay At The Door Couples Free registration, gents a refundable deposit, all now via TicketSource.


There are details of the various options with each party description


There are considerable benefits to subscription, but it is NOT mandatory.


If you have not yet visited, do try us, especially if you like, stryle, manners, fantastic decor and lots of sexy, friendly people!

See you soon Peter & The team